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December 14-15, 2007

Petion-Ville (Port-au-Prince), Haiti

"New Dimensions In Clean Water"

With featured presentations by:

Jacques Edouard Alexis, Prime Minister of Haiti.
Wilf Wilkinson, President of Rotary International.
Ron Denham, Rotary Water Coordinator.

Water projects are successful only to the extent that they improve the human condition. A project that performs well for a time but, for avoidable reasons, fails to produce its benefits over the long term is not the solution we're looking for. Nor is it a wise use of humanitarian funds.

How to design and implement sustainable projects is the most pressing challenge in clean water, today.
The second is how to scale-up the delivery of clean water to meet the world's pressing need to stop water-borne diseases.

Using the landscape of problems and opportunities for clean water in Haiti's schools and households, the Summit will examine these two most elusive goals : sustainability and scalability.

With its expert presenters, handouts, and web site, the Summit is designed to provide you abundant information, contacts, and resources to work knowledgeably in clean water projects, whether simple or complex.


This Summit is organized by the Rotary Club of Petion-Ville in partnership with Pure Water for the World.


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