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The Rotary Club of Petion-Ville, Haiti, in partnership with Pure Water for the World, Inc., invites you to attend an event intended to motivate a national, private-sector, clean-water plan for Haiti.

Dirty water is killing our children. Beginning soon, we expect to launch a series of Rotary projects to promote "Clean Water for All Schools in Haiti." Why? Because teachers and students are ideal candidates to educate the community and to make clean water, hygiene, and sanitation a part of daily life in Haitian homes.

Much like Rotary's PolioPlus, we are forming partnerships with in-country organizations to help deliver clean water to our people - organizations like mission groups, peasant organizations, large employers, and governmental agencies.

With its expert presenters, handouts, and evolving web site, the Summit is designed to provide - and continue to provide - abundant information, contacts, and resources to work knowledgeably in clean water projects.

We promise to make your visit enjoyable, stimulating, and productive.

Claude Surena, MD
Summit Chairman

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Copyright 2007, Rotary Club de Petion-Ville