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Hotels and Guest Houses

The Summit is pleased to offer a wide price range of accommodations from Haiti's best hotels to carefully selected Guest Houses.


Book rooms for ALL hotels below only through the Registration Form on this web site for proper follow-up of Transportation and Shuttle service.

Package rates are listed on the Registration Form and include transportation to-and-from the airport and all official conference activities, breakfast, tax, service, and energy surcharge.


click here for the Montana Hotel website

Hotel Montana is perhaps Haiti's finest. It is the site of many international affairs and is a favorite of visiting dignitaries. It is the Summit's official hotel and the location of all conference activities except the Presidential Gala.


Click here for the Villa Creole website

Villa Creole is another of Haiti's best-known hotels with an International reputation for great service. Conveniently located minutes away from the best restaurants and art galleries of Petion-Ville.


Click here for the Kinam Hotel website

Kinam Hotel is a remodeled Victorian Gingerbread-style mansion in the center square of Petion-Ville's Old Town walking minutes from most shops, galleries and best restaurants.


Click here for the El Rancho website

The El Rancho Hotel, sporting a casino, has been a favorite in Haiti for many years. Like the Montana, it hosts many international events.


For those who prefer more modest accommodations, rooms have been reserved at a number of small Guest Houses located throughout the community.
These facilities are used primarily by missionaries and staff of small NGOs; and they serve as fundraisers for the missions, schools or orphanages that operate them.
Guest Houses have modest, dormitory-style sleeping quarters and include buffet-style breakfast and dinner. Most have free Internet access. Transportation is provided to and from the airport and all official conference activities. The price is $60 per person per night.
All assignments to Guest Houses will be made by Summit staff.

Do NOT use the standard Registration Form to book rooms at the Guest Houses. You must use the SEPARATE booking form. If you have questions about the Guest Houses, email

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